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Masonic Lodge of F.& A.M. 611

24 Bridge Street, Saint Johnsville, NY 13452

Regular Communications - First and Third Thursdays

Are You Interested in Becoming A Mason?


You need to be 19 years old


You must be a male


You need to believe in the Supreme Architect of the universe.


If you are Christian or Jewish - God,


If You are Muslim- Ala,


If you are Hindu - Buda.


You must believe in Life after death.


You must submit to a background check


You will have at least 6 (six) contacts with a Mason including a home visit with you and your Family.


If your success coach feels you are worthy and should be given a petition to become a Mason, he will ask you if you are still interested in becoming a Mason. If you are, he will give you a Petition. When you turn your petition in it must have your background check , in a sealed envelope, attached.



For more in-depth information about this lodge follow this link.


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Email: More Lodge 611 Information



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