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Chamber Minutes Index Page

Minutes of monthly meeting - December 8, 2009

Officers present:  Tim Smith, Jim Castrucci, Robert Smith

Members present: Debbie Smith, Darren Bellen

Meeting called to order at 6:40PM, at Lombardo’s Pizzeria Plus

November minutes accepted without correction, MSC Jim Castrucci, Debbie Smith

Financial Report: none

Pay bills: Pennysaver, My Shopper, Say it with Signs, Tim Smith totaling $281.27, MSC Darren Bellen, Jim Castrucci

Old Business:

            Membership stands at 48

            Bake Sale: net profit $309.17

            Christmas tree Lighting:  Well received

            SpringFest Committee:  Chamber will run display ad in local papers to attract community involvement.

            Last Night 2010:  Chamber would like to do fireworks, minimum cost is $1500

New Business:

            By-Laws changes, tabled

            Code of Conduct, tabled

            Purchase Lee bldg./Rent from Tim Smith

                        Discussion of pros & cons, final analysis: 10-12 years rent for cost of rehab.

                        Rent office space at 1 West Main, MSC Darren Bellen, Jim Castrucci

            Main Street Committee: We need people, Darren Bellen added

            2010 Budget: 5% increase over 2009.  See file attachment, January vote.

            Businesses opening:  Laura’s, Valley Den, Dare to Dream Fitness

            Dolgeville Merchants Association: How can we annex?

            New Organization:  Friends of St. Johnsville

                        Four officers needed, must be 501c3, Tim will assemble slate


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Minutes of Monthly Meeting - November 11, 2009


Officers present:  Tim Smith, Jim Castrucci, Robert Smith, Carolyn Williams

Members present:  Juanita Handy, Ron Hezel, Kathy Rice


Meeting called to order at 6:35PM, at the Community House


September minutes were accepted without correction, MSC Kathy Rice, Juanita Handy


(There were no October minutes. The officers met in Executive session and no action was taken.)


Treasurer’s reports were received.

Pay bills: Johnstone Florist, Say It With Signs, Ron Hezel (2), totaling $725.40, MSC Kathy Rice, Jim Castrucci


Website update by webmaster Ron Hezel, Banner ads discussed, details coming.


Old Business

Membership Committee needed (contact Tim at:


Festival of Wreaths/Chili Supper CANCELLED, MCS Kathy Rice, Jin Castrucci

Bake & Food Sale, NBT Bank, Friday, Dec, 4.  Bake sale @9AM, Food 10AM-2PM (Hot dogs, chili).  Bake sale sign up: contact Carolyn at


Christmas Tree Lighting, Dec. 6. 5PM. 

Cookies need: contact Carolyn at

Juanita Handy will make flyers


Springfest, 2010.  Planning team needed contact Tim:

Members: Tim Smith, Kathy Rice, Carolyn Williams, Jim Castrucci


Last Night Celebration, 2010. Mayor has asked Sesquicentennial Steering Committee to   run this event again.  Carolyn Williams has been invited to join committee, will represent Chamber.


New Business

Audit of Chamber’s Financial Records accepted, MSC Juanita Handy, Ron Hezel


Malone & Malone appointed Chamber attorney, MSC Robert Smith, Ron Hezel


November, 2009, Chamber minutes, page 2


Two By-law amendments approved:

Chamber fiscal year to calendar year, Code of Conduct for officers 

MSC Ron Hezel, Juanita Handy


Pursue purchase of building at 10 Bridge Street (Hairmania) for Chamber office/Tourism Welcoming       Center, MSC Ron Hezel, Juanita Handy


Benefit for Chamber by H. C. Smith Benefit Club, April 17 or 24, 2010

Officers will contact club, make presentation


Main Street Clean Up Committee

Ask members and public to join, contact Tim:


2009-2010 Budget Meeting for Officers

Monday, Nov. 23, 6PM, Country Treasures


Adjournment 8:24PM 

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Minutes of Monthly Meeting - October 14, 2009


There were no October minutes. The officers met in Executive session and no action was taken.

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Minutes:  Annual Meeting, September 19, 2009


Meeting called to order at 7:45PM, by President Timothy Smith


Members and their guests were introduced.  C. H. Burkdorf & Son Building Supplies, Margaret Reaney Memorial Library recognized for their 100th anniversaries.


August minutes were accepted without correction, M, S, C, Carolyn Williams, Barbara Kirby.


The Treasurer’s August, September, and Annual Reports were received without correction, M, S, C, Edward Smith, Laurie Britton. 


President Smith offered Special Thanks to the Village of St. Johnsville DPW crew members, Jack Carter for watering Main and Bridge Street flowers, Village Police Department, Chamber members, Parade Grand Marshals Dawn Lamphere and Diane Littrell.  Numerous Appreciation Awards were given out. 


Christmas Tree Lighting and Festival of Wreaths are our final events for 2009.


Edward Smith presented the Nominating Committee’s slate of officers for the 2009-2011 term:  President: Timothy Smith, Vice President: James Castrucci, Secretary: Robert Smith, Treasurer: Carolyn Williams.  There were no nominations from the floor.  The vote was unanimous.


Outgoing Treasurer Barbara Kirby was recognized by President Smith for her 22 years of service and presented with a bouquet of red roses.


Meeting adjourned 8:07PM



Robt. E. Smith, Secretary



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Minutes of Monthly Meeting - August 12, 2009


Announcement:  Annual Dinner Meeting is Saturday, Sept. 19 at Masonic Temple

There is one free dinner per membership.  Cost for spouse or guest is $16.00.

There will be live entertainment and dancing this year.  Theme: Champagne Dreams.



President Tim Smith called the meeting to order at 6:40 p.m.


Those in attendance were Tim Smith, Barbara Kirby, John Lewandowski, Ed Smith, Kathy Rice, Dawn Lamphere, Kristine Kerzic, Jim Castrucci and Juanita Handy.


The July minutes were reviewed and accepted.  MSC Ed Smith/Kristine Kerzic


Correspondence: We received the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce monthly newsletter.


Review of Financial Report: Barbara Kirby reported our banking balances as of the end of July are as follows: Checking account - $3239.59; General Savings Account - $1014.56; Sign Maintenance Savings Account - $2385.52; with a Total Balance in all three accounts - $6639.67.



Payment of Outstanding Bills: To Barbara Kirby for two reams of paper - $7.98; to Tim Smith for award frames at annual dinner meeting - $41.33: to Ortan Custom Printing for Chamber stamp - $8.65; to Kathy Rice as Jail ‘n Bail winner - $50.00.  MSC John Lewandowski/Kristine Kerzic

Amended: Also to St. Johnsville Post Office for postage stamps - $44.00.  MSC Kathy Rice/ John Lewandowski


Web Site Update: Ron Hezel was unable to attend.  There has been a request for payment of URL FEES, however, a total cost is needed.


Old Business:  Barbara Kirby reported that we now have 70 members on our roll.


The results of the Marina Ice Cream Social are: expenses - Stewarts for ice cream, chocolate syrup and whipped cream - $66.01 (brownies were donated by members).  Receipts - $275.75.  Profit - $209.74.


Chamber Sign Maintenance bills have been sent out.  There have been no responses.


The Grand Opening Packets for new businesses will be ready for roll out October 1 reported Bob Smith and Ed Smith.


The Septemberfest Chicken Barbecue will be held Saturday, September 12 from 4p.m.-7p.m next to Central Hotel.  Mr. Young will be cooking the chicken.  There will also be village and town wide garage sales.  On Monday, August 24 at 4:30 p.m. there will be a Septemberfest meeting of committee members.


The Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner will be help at the Masonic Temple on Saturday, September 19 at 6:00p.m. with appetizers, dinner is 6:30. The theme is Champagne Dreams.  There will be live entertainment for music and dancing.  The menu is: Hot Roast Beef, Baked Ham, Mashed Potatoes with Gravy, Vegetables, Relishes, Rolls, Carrot Cake, Punch, Coffee, Tea and Milk.  One dinner is free with each Chamber membership.  Guests are $16.00 each.  Call Barbara Kirby to RSVP at 673-2101.


New Business: The 2010 Springfest (May 6-8,2010) Committee will meet once the Annual Dinner is over.


There will be a Bake Sale to help defray expenses of the live entertainment for the annual Dinner.  It will be held at NBT Bank on August 21 from 9a.m.- ?.  We need bakers.

The 2010 Last Night Committee are looking for program ideas and are working on grants.


Tim Smith reported that the Central Hotel Sign is completely restored.  Dawn Lamphere questioned putting Chamber monies into a project that is not a family oriented business.  The answer is that it is an historical sign dating from the 1950s.  Also, it is the first step to help revitalize main street.  (A motion was made during the June meeting to accept this project. MSC Ed Smith/John Lewandowski)  Central Hotel has made a commitment to help revitalize the American Legion and the American Legion will help revitalize the next business, etc.  The cost of the sign is to be done in thirds:  Total cost:$2680; we have already paid out $820 commitment; the Sesquicentennial Committee is paying one-third and Judy the owner of Central has already paid one-half of her one-third portion.


On improving our Main Street, the question was raised: Is there something we can do about the railings at the Post Office?  The paint job has not lasted.  Dawn Lamphere said she was told it is because the metal was not pickled first and she has the same problem with the flag pole at the Library.


For the Central Hotel Sign dedication, volunteers are being sought to help clean the hotel.


The 2010 Membership Applications are in Ron Hezel’s hands for updating.  They will then be given to Juanita Handy to be mailed out with the Annual Dinner announcement and these minutes. 


The Nominating Committee tentative slate of officers are as follows:  President - Tim Smith of Country Treasures, Vice-President - Jim Castrucci representing the Village Board, Treasurer - Carolyn Williams of NBT Bank, and Secretary - Bob Smith who is an individual member. 


As a responsible and transparent organization, it has been requested that we have an outside firm audit out books.  Joanna VanGorder has been suggested as the auditor.  Dawn Lamphere will speak with her and get a price.


Lila George, mother of Reggie Manikas (Parkside Drive-In) passed away recently.  In lieu of flowers, at the family’s request we are making a $25 donation to the Margaret Reaney Memorial Library in her memory. MSC John Lewandowski/Kristine Kerzic


Adjournment was made at 7:43p.m.  MSC John Lewandowski/Juanita Handy


Respectfully Submitted,


Juanita Handy



Next Meeting: Annual Dinner

Saturday, Sept. 12

Masonic Temple     6:00p.m.


Theme: Champagne Dreams


Hey, Everyone,


Time is getting short and reservations for the Annual Business Meeting need to get in!  The meeting is to be held on SATURDAY, September 19 at the Masonic Temple starting at 6:00.  CALL BARBARA KIRBY AT 673-2101 FOR RESERVATIONS.  Remember, one free with each membership and $16.00 per spouse or guest.


This year there will be live entertainment by the Champagne Dreams and dancing following the meal and short meeting.


Hope to see you there!


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Minutes of Monthly Meeting - July 15 , 2009
President Timothy Smith called the meeting to order at 6:40 p.m.
Those in attendance were: Tim Smith, Lori Britton, Lindy Sweet, Bob Smith, Carolyn Williams, Barbara
Kirby and Juanita Handy.
The June monthly minutes were reviewed and accepted.  MSC Juanita Handy/Carolyn Williams
Correspondence: Adrian Warner sent a very nice thank you note for the Chamber of Commerce $200
scholarship award.

We received the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce monthly newsletter.
Review of Financial Report: Barbara Kirby reported our banking balances as of the end of 
June are as follows:
Checking account - $3977.34; General Savings Account - $1014.56; Sign Maintenance Savings Account
 - $2310.52; with a Total Balance in all three accounts - $7302.42.
Payment of Outstanding Bills: To Gray's Greenhouse for flowers - $700; to Mrs. Paul Putman for
electricity for sign on east end of village - $100: to Barbara Kirby for donuts and fruit punch for
bicyclists - $122.49 (she will need money for water for ice cream social).  MSC Juanita Handy/Bob Smith
Amended: Also to Ron Hezel for payment of URL fees - $25. Carolyn Williams/Lindy Sweet
Old Business: Membership Committee - Barbara Kirby reported that we now have 70 members.
The hanging baskets are up and Tim needs helpers to water them on weekends.  Also, we will use $160
from the sign maintenance account to plant flowers at the village welcome signs.
MSC Bob Smith/ Carolyn Williams
The Erie Canal Bike Ride is this Friday, July 17 and Barbara has the needed supplies.
The Chamber Sign Maintenance bills are in the mail.  Tim will do some collecting.
Bob Smith and Ed Smith are working to put together a Grand Opening Packet for new businesses.
They are looking into giving new businesses $150 specifically for advertising and can apply for it only
once every five years.  Also looking into getting some E-advertisement going.
New Business: The Village Street Sign Project needs to be finished.  We paid for the replacement of 67
signs last year leaving 61 unfinished.  It will cost $1848.92 for signs and hardware. 
Septemberfest will be held September 12 & 13.  Tim and Ed Smith are in charge and are considering
holding the chicken barbecue near Central Hotel for their sign dedication.
The bake sale held at CNB Bank for Peggy Dillenbeck was a success.  Anthony Susi was there selling
hot dogs and Tim Smith had his popcorn machine there.  Everything was sold out.
We will be hosting the Marina Ice Cream Social (the Sun Mountain Fiddler) on Monday, July 27.
Bob is in charge and will be asking people to donate brownies.
The Springfest Committee 2010 has not met yet.
Each situation for the cost for the Village Projects needs to be addressed individually. 
More will be discussed at a later date.
For the Annual Dinner meeting, Carolyn William and Kristine Kerzic have contacted Lombardo's,
Beardslee's and the Masonic Temple for pricing.  Carolyn would like to have a theme for the meeting
and will be sending out an email for choices and opinions.   
We are waiting to get the mock up for the banners.  We need a copy of the village seal if possible and
add the cost of sign and hardware before we take it to Urban Renewal.  It has been tabled for now.
Bob Smith is helping with grants and looking for ideas for the 2010 Last Night Committee.  
The Central Hotel Sign has been painted and repainted Bob Smith reports.  Jack Carter is doing the
wiring.  There needs to be an understanding that for five years the sign has to be lit, maintained and
stay with the building.  Judy Lee, the owner of Central Hotel, is trying to improve the building. 
The Nominating Committee has a tentative slate of officers.
Bob Smith said that a village task force (perhaps one similar to Fort Plains) needs to be developed to
approach Chief Stack to address different issues within the village.  The Chamber could be an impetus
in this. Bob also thinks we need to restart the 46th Committee.
Adjournment was made.  MSC Bob Smith/Carolyn Williams
Respectfully Submitted,
Juanita Handy
Next Meeting: Wed. August 12, 2009
Community House at 6:30 pm
(Tim Smith is proposing a tentative bake sale be held Friday, August 14 
to offset the cost of entertainment for the annual dinner meeting.)

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Minutes of Monthly Meeting - June 10, 2009

Meeting called to order on June 10th @ 6:40pm.


Bob Smith, Jim Castrucci, Cathy Rice, John Lewandowski, Roy Tompson,  Linde Sweet, Carolyn Williams, Tim Smith, Kristina Kerzic, Barbara Kirby

Except Minutes from May: Ed Smith /Bob Smith


St. Johnsville school marching bank sent thank you for sending them money for the band . They used it to purchase equipment.

Chris Rohrs from Mountain Valley Hospice would like to speak to everyone on behalf of the hospice and ask for volunteers to help them out.

Hill Top Paintball has specials they have golf available and are open for parties. Chamber members  receive a complimentary gift  when attending.

Old Business

Volunteers are needed to water flower baskets on Saturday and Sundays.

The brochure for the village came out and is very nice. Thank you to Juanita Handy for her hard work.

We have a PA system and it is ready to go.

Maintenance on signs not paid yet. Send a reminder bill.

Light poles for the Soldiers and Sailors park. Jim Castrucci  spoke to the Chamber about what his findings are. Urban Renewal was going to find out if they could give the village the $10,000.00 dollars need for the replacement of the poles. He informed us that  Urban Renewal may be able to lend the project $ 5,000.00. They are unable to give the money to the village. The village can come up with the other $ 5,000.00. There will be an escort fee but will have to find out from Karen Crouse how much that will be. The village has to finalize all arrangements by July 31st.


$ 55.69 - Fruit for Towpath Run

$ 56.35 Tim  Smith – Cooler

$ 3.94 Burkdorfs – Spray Paint

Grand Openings

It was discussed that when a new business opens the Chamber should support the business by helping with a grand opening and ribbon cutting. The Chamber can put together a kit to help the new businesses . Ed Smith and Bob Smith agreed to lead up the committee. MSC- Linde Sweet / John Lewandowski

Judy King will be having a grand opening for her insurance business. The Chamber should attend the ribbon cutting ceremony as soon as a date is set.

Dragons Den in Oppenheim would like the chamber members to help out with their grand opening.  

Discussed banners for the village to be displayed on the poles instead of hanging baskets for the future. It was agreed to have a mock banner made up so the Chamber members can see what they will look like.

Flower Boxes

A statement was made that, next year before flowers are planted in the flower boxes on either end of the village that the Chamber takes bids  from local businesses.

The suggestion was also made to look into planting perennials.

Membership Committee

Green Pines joined the Chamber late so we are waving their fee till September 2010.   MSC- Ed Smith / Linde Sweet

Barbara Kirby has found help for the Erie Canal Bike Ride on July 10th.

We are going to send a thank you to Dan Patterson and also a gift of $ 100.00 for bringing the horses to the Springfest and Memorial Day Parade. Roy Tompson will type up the letter. MSC – Roy Tompson / Linde Sweet

New Business

Village street sign project. Purchased part sign last year. Waiting for Chris Weaver to let Chamber know when will finish them. $ 21.40 ea. Sign brackets are $ 6.20 and super locks are $ 4.23. We should auction any remaining signs off or put them up for bid. Approximately $ 2000.00 was spent on the replacement of 67 signs last year.


12th and 13th

Ideas for Septemberfest see Ed Smith and Jim Castrucci.

May sell chicken halves.

Thank You

          Special thank you certificates for the helpers at Springfest.

          MSC Bob Smith / Carolyn Williams

Springfest 2010

          May 6th - 8th and maybe through the 9th.

          Planning – Kris Kerzic / Carolyn Williams / Tim Smith / Ed Smith

          Tim Smith will Chair

Village Projects

When to start?

American Legion pressure wash , paint, clean up face of it. How much do we spend on each project. Urban Renewal offered to replace the flag pole, will check into it again. Roy Tompson will bring up this discussion at their meeting.

Masonry on the stone wall at the Soldiers and Sailors park next to the memorial. Repair steps going into the park. Karen Crouse to contact Park and Recreation department.

Banners or Flowers on main street 24 x 48 or 30 x 60  $ 200 total including hardware ($ 75.00) top and bottom. We spend over $ 1000.00 a year on the flowers. Can change banners for holidays. Requesting a mock up of the banners.

Central Hotel needs to be pressure washed. Have a special reveal during Septemberfest presenting  revitalized neon sign. It was $ 1500.00 for the neon for the  sign. What would Tom and Judy be willing to do to help  if the Chamber helped out with a ribbon cutting and revitalization of the Central Hotel.  The Chamber would contribute 1/3 or $ 800.00 or a bit less to help out. DPW took sign off and will help put back up. Maybe have a BBQ , Block dance.

Maybe fix the player piano that is in the Community House cost is about $ 4000.00 in conjunction with the Susquesential Committee. MSC - Ed Smith / John Lewandowski.

Last  Night Committee For 2010 Springfest

Applications due in mid October of 2009 for entertainment make a proposal to be awarded for next year. Bob Smith/ Carolyn Williams / Ed Smith  We will need to send out  letters asking other Chamber members to help out with all projects. We need new  volunteers.  Sue Adams is a contact for variety show.  Grant paper work to be processed. Bob Smith

Nominating committee

We need to nominate for the following positions for the next term:




Assistant Treasurer


MSC- Ed Smith / John Lewendowski

Adjourned @ 8:10pm

Next meeting July 15th.

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Minutes of Monthly Meeting - May 8, 2009

President Tim Smith called meeting to order @ 6:40.

In attendance John Lewandowski (Enea Funeral Home), Jim Castrucci (Village Trustee), Cathy Rice (Village Trustee/Kinney Drugs), Arlene Geibe

(Mohawk Valley Foods LLC), Robert Smith, John Geesler, Barbara Kirby (Treasurer), Timothy Smith (Chamber President), Carolyn Williams (Chamber Vice-President), Kristina Kerzic.

Excepted last weeks minutes - MSC _ Robert Smith / John Geesler


Montgomery Chamber Of Commerce a meeting on May18th from 4-6 for a Brochure Exchange. Tim Smith attending.

Montgomery County Business Development Center-meets Tuesday May 19th @ Arkell Museum . Where do you want to see Montgomery County in 20 yrs. Meets @ 6:30 Tim & Carolyn. Letter about the CDBC grant.

Outstanding Bills

$ 356.39 Radio Shack - for PA system                           

$ 244.80 Mang Insurance                                        

$ 125.00 Green Pines Septic                                               

$ 17.68 Repair to sign                                                   

$ 8.80 Stamps                                                                

MSC Carolyn Williams / John Lewandowski

Website Committee

Bob Smith and ?

Old Business

Add new businesses joined Chamber:

Evening Times / Green Pines Septic

70 members

Benefits & Investment Schedule

See membership benefits package

(why should I join)-membership drive. Voted on to use package.

MSC John Geesler / Carolyn Williams

Hanging Baskets we had 25 and want to use them all. Find someone next year that less expensive a new florist.

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Minutes of Monthly Meeting - March 11, 2009

President Diane Littrell called the meeting to order at 6:38pm.

Those in attendance were: Tim Smith, Ed Smith, Bob Smith, Allen & Diane Littrell, Sandy Lane, Kristina Kerzic, Lorie Britton, Barbara Kirby, Lindy Sweet, Ron Hezel, John Geesler, Judy King and Steve Sammons.

February minutes had a correction under Old Business: The Second Annual Miss St. Johnsville Pageant….(not Miss Springfest).

Correspondence: The village of St. Johnsville Community Development Block Grant requests a letter from our Chamber endorsing their application for funding for a housing rehabilitation program. It was agreed Juanita should write and send such a letter.  MSC Tim Smith/Lorie Britton

The Palatine Settlement Society is having a Chicken Barbecue and Antique Show.  Flyers are available.  Sandy was not able to e-mail everyone and is not sure of the problem but will check it out.

Assemblyman George Amedore is to be at the Community House this Friday, March 13 from 3-6pm.  George can’t make the meeting so his chief-of-staff will come in his stead.

The Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce newsletter informed us the on March 26 there will be a breakfast from 7:30-8:00am at the Winner’s Circle.  The cost is $16.00.

Review of Financial Report: Barbara Kirby reported our banking balances as of the end of
February are as follows: Checking account - $3533.12; General Savings Account - $1013.30; Sign Maintenance Savings Account - $1878.13 with a Total Balance in all three accounts - $6424.55.

There were no outstanding bills.

Web Site Update: Ron Hezel reported there were 28,155 views of the web site with the most popular being the village, real estate, and Indian Castle.  Ron will be putting a walking tour map on the site.  A request was made to put our Springfest flyer on the site.  Sandy Lane that the Palatine Settlement Antique show be put on their site.  Ron needs Specific notation on requests/subject line so that he knows that the sender wants it on the site.  He also requested a web site committee.  Judy King suggested that folks summit items to Diane Littrell and then she approves it and forwards it to Ron Hezel and so be it.  Diane’s e-mail is (11 is eleven).
Old Business: Spring Box Derby - a motion was made that the Chamber sponsor the Spring Box Derby for up to $100.00 and that trophies are to be purchased through Ron Dygert.  MSC Alan Littrell/Tim Smith
On membership - Tim will follow up with Family Ties for membership; Ron Hezel will follow up on Crazy Otto’s which will be $75.  The Brown Cow and Rider Realty will be taken off the web site and their sign taken off the Marina Business Sign. 

Ed Smith presented a membership recruitment kit listing membership benefits and a 2009-2010 Investment Schedules (see attached page).  Tim Smith suggested a new member orientation similar to Fulton County Chamber.  This was tabled to the next meeting.

Ed Smith reported for the 46th Committee that Urban Renewal wants the Chamber to revisit the Farmer’s Market idea.  The concern is that the property is still for sale. Suggestions include: a temporary set-up, establish a market in the village, test the waters - small investment, owners of lots approached to use their lot for temporary Farmer’s Market.  We will tell Urban Renewal that the Chamber is interested but we need more details.  MSC Judy King/John Geesler  It was decided that there isn’t enough time to start a Farmer’s market adequately this year.  John Geesler also suggested that a site plan sign would show the future farmer’s market.
Ed Smith shared ideas for Springfest.  The question was: “How did the 46th Committee get involved with Springfest?”  The answer was to bring the village and Chamber together.  Motion:  Ed Smith nominated Tim Smith and Carolyn Williams to co-chair the Springfest Committee.  MSC Ed Smith/Bob Smith   A discussion followed on a Springfest budget (see attached page) and to adopt it for Springfest 2009.  MSC Ed Smith/Bob Smith

A Springfest discussion followed.  1) Tim Smith is working with the school for the Miss St. Johnsville Pageant.  2) Advertise everything on the flyer because all are members.  3) Lee Publishers said they would make big posters, etc. for us according to Ed Smith.  4) Applications presented for Jail-n-Bail.  5) Trophies for parade participants are a “neat” thing to do.  6) Oppenheim band may not charge.  7) Need music!  Music brings people to a parade.  8) Grand Marshalls from 100 years of businesses - C.H. Burkdorf’s and Reaney Library.
Business Directory: Juanita Handy needs to get Chamber members applications from Barbara Kirby.  They will be listed categorically alphabetically.

The hanging baskets are at Gray’s Greenhouse for planting.

New Business: Canalfest - St. Johnsville village wants to know if Chamber wants to do something for Canalfest, June 6, 2009.  The answer is yes, we will do whatever they need us to do.  We will discuss it at the next meeting.

The Erie Canal bike ride is July 10, 2009.

Paul Vacca Benefit - We don’t want to start a precedent.  Most members had given through their businesses.

Diane will get Springfest banner to Tim so that he can get the date changed on it.

Motion to adjourn.  MSC Tim Smith/Sandy Lane

Respectfully submitted,
Lindy Sweet
filling in for Juanita Handy

Next Meeting: Wed. April 8, 2009
Community House at 6:30 pm

Springfest 2009 Budget - Estimate


Jail-n-Bail $3,000.00   Advertising  $1,200.00
Chicken BBQ 3,200.00   Prizes For Parade    350.00
Towpath Run 3,800.00   Fireworks 1,500.00
Fund Raiser    1,500.00  Entertainment 2-6 pm   500.00
Chamber Member Entertainment 6-10 pm   500.00
Sponsorship  1,500.00   Donations for Crafters 1,000.00

Participation in Parade 1,500.00

Total Income $14,000.00




Chicken BBQ  2,500.00

Horse Drawn Wagon Rides 200.00
Towpath Run 1,700.00
Jail-n-Bail 50.00
Restrooms 150.00
Banner 100.00
Float 150.00
Misc. 600.00

Total Expenses $11,000.00

Profit & Loss Statement

Springfest 2009 - + $3,000.00


2009-2010 Investment Schedules (Proposed)

Business Membership

Each business membership is entitled to a listing on the Chamber web site with a link to the company web site.  They receive one vote on all decision making matters if in attendance at the monthly meeting.  They are eligible to attend any and all chamber functions including but not limited to business after hours events, open house events, breakfasts, luncheons & any programs or conferences that are sponsored by the chamber.  Benefits also include medical insurance & credit card program.  All members will be entitled to a complimentary informational booth at the annual Springfest event to promote their business.  Any business receiving a chamber gift certificate can be reimbursed in cash for that amount.  Each membership also receives on complimentary meal to the annual meeting.

  1-2 Employees    $72     
  3-9 Employees    $96    
10-19 Employees  $132
20-49 Employees  $180
50-99 Employees  $252
100+ Employees   $324

Additional Membership Categories 

Community Resident          

Not affiliated with any business or organization.  Limited member benefits exist with this membership. There will be no health insurance or voting rights at meetings.  Member may attend annual meeting but at the cost of guests with no complimentary ticket.  Internet listing will be under Community Resident category.  All other benefits will be given to a Community Resident membership.  Members in this category will include retirees, community members who support the chamber.

Associate Membership

This is an individual that is affiliated with a company that is a member in good standing.  This person will be given full membership privileges and will be able to vote.  This member will be entitled to a separate listing on the web site.  Members in this category are real estate agents that work with a company that is a member.  Lawyer that work with an affiliated law firm.

Membership payments not received by October 15, 2009 will be considered late and will be subject to a late payment fee of an additional 10% of the current membership rate.

Any prospective member that joins the chamber in any month after October will be entitled to a prorated membership fee for the current year however in order to qualify the next full year of membership must be paid for at the time of joining.  A new member will constitute any member that was not a chamber member for 24 months prior to joining.


Minutes of Monthly Meeting - February 11, 2009

Vice -president Dawn Lamphere called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m.  The meeting was held at Hazelnut Bed & Breakfast and graciously hosted by Art and Susan Adams.  The setting was warm and inviting and the refreshments were wonderfully delicious.  Thank you, Art and Sue.

Those in attendance were Barbara Kirby, Ron Dygert, Lindy Sweet, Ed Smith, Dawn Lamphere, Carolyn Williams, Arlene Geibe, Tim Smith, Art & Sue Adams and Juanita Handy.

January minutes had a correction under attendees: Kristina Kerzic... (not Chris). MSC Carolyn Williams/Tim Smith

Correspondence: We received a letter from the Village asking for a letter for Housing Grant and recommendations of people in need of housing help. MSC Tim Smith/Juanita Handy

We received a letter from Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce with our 2009 Membership Card
asking us to check out their new website design.

Review of Financial Report: Barbara Kirby reported our banking balances as of the end of January are as follows: Checking account - $3224.33; General Savings Account - $1013.30; Sign Maintenance Savings Account - $1878.13 with a Total Balance in all three accounts - $6115.76.

Review and Payment of Outstanding Bills: Juanita Handy - $3.18 for envelopes; Diane Littrell - $1.39 for security envelopes; Tim Smith - $16.00 for stamps for crafters’ mailing; Barbara Kirby - $54.64 for stamps and envelopes for Towpath Run sponsor letters.  MSC Tim Smith/Ed Smith

Web Site Update: Ron Hezel was unable to attend.

Old Business: Barbara Kirby reported the Membership Committee has received renewals from Bellen Archery, Locker Room, Parkside Drive-in, Mohawk Realty, and Village of St. Johnsville.  We are waiting to hear from Family Ties and Davis Printing.  We now have 61 members.  The question was raised of when do we take non-renewing members off the website.

Ed Smith of the 46th Committee reported that they are presently at a stand still having successfully completed their original objectives. He also reported the Farmer’s Market progress has hit a wall concerning a site for the market.

Springfest Activities & Chairpersons: Ed Smith and Tim Smith will co-chair the Jail & Bail this year.

Diane Littrell & Nancy Quackenbush will co-chair the Chicken barbecue which will be held Friday evening from 4PM – 7PM at the American Legion.  

Carolyn Williams (NBT Bank) is working with Randy Fitzpatrick for the Antique Car Cruise-in. The cars are to be in the parade then to be on display at a presently undisclosed place.  They are considering having a radio station cover the event.  Ron Dygert will provide dash plaques.

Steve Sammons is chairing the Spring Box Derby on Saturday morning at 10 a.m. at the Industrial Park Ramp.
Joe & Dan Patterson said yes to hosting horse drawn wagon rides on Friday from 4 -7 p.m..  The route will go from Wilson’s lot down East Main Street, right onto Kingsbury Ave., right onto Park Place, down Liberty Street and up S. Division back to Wilson’s lot.
The Second Annual Miss Springfest Pageant, co-sponsored by Country Treasures and Mohawk Valley Foods, will be held Thursday evening at 6 p.m. at the High School Auditorium.

The Parade will be held on Saturday at 1:00  p.m.  We need someone to chair this event.  Responsibilities include working with the firemen for line up and policemen for traffic control, contacting parade participants, inviting area businesses and organizations to enter a float, line up refreshments for participants at end of parade and hand out certificates of appreciation.

The 21st Annual Towpath Run will take place on Saturday at 5:30 p.m. with registration at 4:30 p.m.

Beside Chamber activities, the carnival will set up in the Masonic Temple Parking lot and run from Thursday through Saturday.

Juanita Handy is in the process of re-working the Business Directory.

Juanita is also working on the Springfest flyer to send out with the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce Newsletter so needs to be done by March 15.

Tim Smith reported that he has located PA systems at Radio Shack for reasonable prices with some going on sale. One system has gone from $149 to $129 and a couple running at $299 or $399.  They have wireless hand held mikes available.  Tim will purchase one with a decent price.  MSC Carolyn Williams/Ed Smith

New Business: The Masonic Temple will hold a roast beef dinner on Thursday night from 4-7 p.m. during Springfest and a Pancake Breakfast on Saturday morning from 7-11 a.m. the same weekend.

Dawn Lamphere presented the idea of holding concerts on the Community House lawn or Methodist Church lawn in addition to the concerts held at the Marina.  These concerts could spotlight local talent and village residents could easily walk to these sites.

Adjournment was made. MSC Tim Smith/Ed Smith

Respectfully Submitted,

Juanita Handy

Next Meeting: Wednesday, March 11 at 6:30 p.m.
at the Community House    

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Minutes of Monthly Meeting - January 14, 2009

The CHRISTMAS DECORATING CERTIFICATES were awarded to: Traditional - John & Judy Swartz; Contemporary - Robert & Sue Bauer; Religious - Gary & Mary Ann Jones; Best Door - Bernard Barnes; Business - Tim Smith.

President Diane Littrell called the meeting to order at 6:50 p.m.

Those in attendance were Diane Littrell, Dawn Lamphere, Barbara Kirby, Carolyn Williams, Tim Smith, Judy King, John Scranton, Chris Kerzic, Ron Dygert and Juanita Handy.

November minutes were reviewed.  Correction: Judy King was left off those in attendance though she was here.  MSC Carolyn Williams/Tim Smith

Correspondence: We received an invitation to the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce annual meeting and awards banquet celebrating 25 years on Friday, January 30 starting at 6 p.m. for cocktails and 7 p.m. for the banquet at Riverside in Glenville.  There is a $60 charge per person.
A bill for $220 from Montgomery County COC to renew our membership.
A letter from Fort Klock containing their 2009 agenda to be included in our business directory.
A letter from Mang Insurance informing us of their move to 56 N. Main Street, Gloversville and their new phone number is 518-773-7981.

Web Site Update: Ron Hezel unable to attend, however be sure to send him changes to your web page.

Old Business:

John Scranton of Mang Insurance reported that they are now part of NBT Bank.  Most members have been contacted with some new ones.  Not as many signed up as we had desired.  We should be receiving our payment soon.  They are now in the process of contacting prospective Chamber members.  The news release is now ready and will be sent to Dawn Lamphere for release to area newspapers. 

The Membership Committee reported that we have yet to hear from Family Ties, Parkside, Davis Printing, the Locker Room and Bellen’s Archery, Mohawk Valley Realty.  Also, now out of business are Rider Realty, Happy Trials, and Ravencoat Graphics.

Art & Sue Adams of Hazelnut B&B have extended to us a Business After Hours meeting at their facility for our February meeting. 

Tim Smith has the Springfest Crafters and Vendors applications sent out.
Diane Littrell reported on the Festival of Wreaths & Chili Supper.  There were 62 wreaths made and auctioned off raising $581. (There was one complaint that we should have given the monies to the Benefit Club.  However, the money will be spent on a community betterment project.)  We will ask Dollar General if they can get us wreaths for next year at a reduced price.  MSC Juanita Handy/Dawn Lamphere      

Juanita Handy reported that the Christmas Tree Lighting program was a cold and windy affair that kept most people home.  However, for those who braved the weather, it was a good time.  While our trust worthy Police Department watched over the activities, Mary Kelly Handy stepped in at the last minute to lead us in singing, Dawn Lamphere shared a story with us, Dan and Joe Patterson brought their teams of horses down and provided wagon rides for the stout of heart, the Fire Department provided a ride for Santa to our festivities so he could hear the requests of the children and hand out gifts, and there was an abundance of hot cocoa and cookies for everyone.  Because of the high winds, we did not have the bon fire and s’mores. A BIG thank you to everyone for their help.

There was no report from the 46th Committee on the Farmer’s Market as Ed Smith was absent.

Sally Thomson and Diane Littrell met at Gray’s Greenhouse to pick out the colors for the flowers in the hanging baskets.  It was noted that we will need new basket liners this year.

Tim Smith has been looking into prices on PA systems and coolers.  Coolers are running between $49 - $89.  He has no information on PA systems as of yet.

New Business:

Along with a thank you note we are giving Joe and Dan Patterson $100 each for the wagon rides.  Maybe they would be willing to provide rides during Springfest in place of Christmas Tree Lighting.  MSC Tim Smith/Carolyn Williams

Barbara Kirby is sending out the Towpath Run Sponsor letters.
We will be putting 650 Springfest flyers in the Montgomery County COC newsletter by March 15 for a cost of $50.00.  MSC Tim Smith/Juanita Handy

Juanita Handy is working on the Business Directory.  If you need to update your information, please get it to Juanita at by March 16.

It was suggested that we have a Sunshine Chairperson to send cards to members who are ill.  Barbara Kirby said that she would head it up noting that if she doesn’t know someone is ill, she can’t send a card. Her phone number is 673-2101.

Think Springfest & new events!  Springfest is Thursday, Friday & Saturday, May 7, 8, & 9 this year.
Ideas presented: Cruise-In, horse-drawn wagon rides, hotdog eating contest, petting zoo, farmer’s market, Mason’s Thursday night supper or Saturday morning breakfast, floats,105.5 ROC station for cruise-in. Reaney Library and Burkdorf’s Lumber are each celebrating 100th anniversary.  Maybe they could each have a representative as Grand Marshal for parade.  Come to February meeting to get inside scoop on what’s going to be happening during Springfest 2009!!

Adjournment was made.  MSC Tim Smith/Carolyn Williams

Respectfully Submitted,

Juanita Handy

Next Meeting: Wednesday, February 11 at 6:30p.m.
At Hazelnut Bed & Breakfast, 205 Paris Road, Fort Plain - 518-993-3346

Directions from St. Johnsville - From route 5, take Bridge Street to River Road, Turn LEFT on River Road & then RIGHT onto Sanders Road. Stay on Sanders Road until the first road past Route 5S, Paris Road. Turn RIGHT on Paris Road & travel approximately 2 miles. Goup a hill with woods on right side. Continue until you see Hazelnut Farm B & B on the right (large white farmhouse, green trim). Guest entrance is on side of house. Porch light will be on. Park anywhere in driveway. Your Hosts: Sue & Art Adam  email:

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