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2015 Minutes & Agendas - Nov.30 |



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St. Johnsville Chamber of Commerce Minutes - November 30, 2015

Kevin Enea opened the meeting at 12:06pm. Those present were members Juanita Handy, Judy Swartz, Kevin Enea, Shellie Walrath, Joe Brown, and Karyn Bergen.

Previous Minutes: Approved MSC Judy Swartz/Shellie Walrath

Treasurer’s Report:

Operating Account- $293.15; Fundraiser- $3,385.17; Scholarship Account- $200.00; Parade Account- $277.82; Banner Account- $100.00; Sign Maintenance- $1,352.81

Total Deposits- $5,608.95

Will approve transfer of $1,000 from Fundraiser account into Operating account MSC Karyn Bergen/Juanita Handy.

Will approve payment for following: $49.50 to Oriental Trading for books to hand out at Christmas Tree Lighting, $6.24 to Burkdorf for bulb for the light at the sign, $68.60 to Lee Publishing for Festival advertising, $220 to Bob Quackenbush for wreaths MSC Juanita HandyJudy Swartz

New member applications for Superior Plus and Dutchtown ACE hardware. Shellie will contact those members that still owe dues for this year.


Offer from Empire State Development, Bank Statements which Shellie has switched to online banking, credit card statement with a $0 balance, United Way Luncheon 12/3/15 at noon, FM Chamber Newsline, Bounce House Contract for 2016. There are offering refreshments as part of the contract however this will be taken out, the contract will be signed and sent back for Springfest. We received a letter from the Benefit Club in regards to the annual Christmas Give-Away Program Donation Drive to be held 12/20 and 12/21. The Chamber will donate $200 for this good cause MSC Judy Swartz/Karyn Bergen

Unfinished Business:

We had a proposal by Emery Designs and Ron Heisel for the webpage. Other options have been explored by the subcommittee and a new proposal was offered by Joe Brown. We can design the webpage through Wix for $6 monthly if registered today as a Cyber Monday deal. Joe Brown states he will handle the webpage and Karyn Bergen will continue to run the Facebook page. The webpage will be registered today to obtain the best deal and Joe Brown has been authorized to spend up to $100 for the yearly fee of the webpage. MSC Juanita Handy/Judy Swartz

For the Festival of Wreaths: It will start at 3pm. Chamber has purchased and distributed 20 wreaths to be decorated. These will be displayed at Sportees Designs with buckets set up at Sportee Designs. If any member would like to include gift certificates with their wreaths please put a sign on the wreath and give the gift certificate to Joe Brown to hold on until the Wreaths are distributed to winners.

For the Christmas Tree Lighting: Pam and Laura Wozniak agreed to Lead the Carols. Kevin and Juanita will check storage for the song books as well as the candles. Shellie Walrath will shop for supplies including candy canes to hand out with the books, cookies and marshmallows for s’mores and cocoa. The Pattersons have agreed to do the wagon rides and Santa. Juanita will contact Burkdorf regarding pallets and the Village has agreed to do the cleanup the following day. All members need to have the two batches of Christmas cookies brought to the American Legion by 4pm.

The Chamber has decided to forego the House Decorating contest for this year.

New Business:

For next year’s Holiday celebration we would like to ask members if they would like to donate so the Chamber can purchase nice books to hand out. The Chamber will present the books as being donated by the members that are willing to be generous. This can be discussed more in the future meetings.

Other Business:

J & J Sporting Goods will be having a closing sale starting this Friday 12/4/15.

Next meeting is January 4, 2016 at 12pm at the American Legion.

Meeting adjourned at 1:22pm.



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