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2017 Minutes & Agendas - Jan.09 | Feb.13 | Mar.13



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St. Johnsville Chamber of Commerce Meeting March 13, 2017 - American Legion Rooms

Present: Laurie Britton, Sam Licari, Tony Licari, Carmen Licari, Joe Brown, Michelle Brown, Shellie Walrath, Robin Wentworth, Dawn Lamphere, Judy Swartz and Juanita Handy.

In the absence of President Kevin Enea VP Carmen Licari called the meeting to order at 12:05P The February minutes were accepted on motion of 1. C. Licari, 2. R. Wentworth and carried.

The treasurer's report was accepted on motion of 1. J. Swartz, 2. C. Licari and carried. Additional bills approved for payment included:

$181.86 to Dawn Lamphere for the Christmas coloring books; 1. J Swartz 2. J. Handy and carried.

$80.49 to Sportee Designs for the Lotto drawing tickets; 1. S. Walrath, 2. J. Swartz and carried.

$300 for OESJ scholarships of $150 each to a boy and a girl; 1. J. Handy 2. D. Lamphere and carried.


A letter of invitation was received from American Legion Post #168 to participate in the Memorial Day Parade.

Springfest Update (J & M. Brown) May 11-12-13

Sales of the tickets for the Lotto drawing went very well.

To date, ten vendors including a food truck, have reserved spots.

C. Licari is coordinating a car show with Aaron Manikas at Parkside.

Crystal Napier is facilitating the multi-page Springfest booklet.

C. Licari will contact John Geesler (Towpath Run) asking him to attend the Springfest

meeting on March 20, noon, at the library.

$250 was allocated for 10 ads on motion of 1. C. Licari, 2. J. Brown and carried for advertisement with WBUG radio. L. Britton will follow up with other potential sponsors; every $100 realized = 4 additional ads.

The next Springfest meeting will be Monday, March 20, noon at the Reaney Library.

Other Business

On motion of 1. J. Brown, 2. C. Licari and carried, R. Wentworth has agreed to be the Public Information Officer authorized to coordinate STJ Chamber information and activities with the Fulton Montgomery Chamber of Commerce.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 1P Respectfully submitted,

Dawn Lamphere Secretary Pro Tern


St. Johnsville Chamber of Commerce - February 13, 2017  Minutes

Carmen Licari opened meeting at 12:00 p.m. at the Bridge Street Bakery. Members present were Carmen Licari, Robin Wentworth, Sam Licari, Joe Brown, Michelle Brown, Tony Licari, Shellie Walrath, Crystal Napier, Judy Swartz, and Arlene Broat.

January minutes were approved by Sam Licari and Judy Swartz.

Treasurer's Report:

Operating account has a balance of $6054.68 as of today. The 2017 budget is still in process with Sam Licari. Sam stated that he will have it for the next meeting. Carmen has a receipt for stamps to be reimbursed. Concern mentioned about not knowing what monies are for Spring! Fall Fests. Sam will keep a separate log of any monies reserved for the fests including all debits and credits for member reference.

Members Update:

Sam provided an updated list of paid & unpaid members. There are currently 38 members paid for 2017. Sam suggested holding a separate meeting to discuss the members that are still unpaid, to split up the list, and make phone calls to attempt to collect. Stickers have been mailed to all paid members.


We received a thank you card from H. C Smith Benefit Club for the donation we gave at Christmas time for $100.

Michelle Brown asked about getting a key to the Safe Deposit box at the USPS so she would be able to check it more often. Kevin and his wife will be welcoming a new member to their family soon. Carmen L suggested that we get another copy from the USPS; however this would cost about $50.00. Michelle will check with Kevin to see what he wants to do.

Unfinished/Ongoing Business:

Grant Writing - We have paid the last 2 years for a grant to be written for the Main St. Beautification and have been denied. No one at the meeting had any additional information regarding this for 2017. Robin Wentworth mentioned that National Grid offers grants for street lights on Main Street. This will be discussed at the next meeting in hopes that Kevin or Juanita would have more information on it.

Spring Fest - All areas

*Fundraising: Carmen mailed out lotto drawing tickets to all members, 10 each to be sold.

*parade: Joe Brown reported only 1 high school marching band has signed up to participate in the parade. OESJ is signed up. It was discovered that there is some type of music competition/festival going on at the same time.

*Chicken BBQ: Carmen agrees to talk to Bill Vicciarelli before our next meeting to find out prices on the chicken and if we need a permit to have it at the marina/village garage so we can move forward with the planning. It was suggested that we have a band at the gazebo during this time. Carmen has volunteered to order tickets for the BBQ also once we get the necessary information.

*"Beauty pageant": The name will be changed as we are opening to males this year. The new name will be announced soon.

*Crystal supplied an "event list" for the Spring Fest. She asked for input on anything else going on or planned so she can get this information in for the booklet being printed. Please contact her with anything that needs to be added to the Spring Fest Event List. She can be emailed at crystal 1

*Joe Brown continues to keep the stjcoc website updated. He has forms related to the Spring Fest available for download/print such as the vendor application, the parade application, or the form to advertise in the Spring Fest booklet.

*Crystal has drafted a letter to be sent to the village for the necessary approvals & permits for spring fest to happen.

New Business:

It has been brought to our attention that members are not getting invitations to our events/meetings, etc. We need to discuss at the next meeting any suggestions or alternatives we have to resolve this issue.


Special meeting for Spring Fest will be held on Monday, Feb. 27th at 12 PM at the Library. Next monthly meeting is Monday, March 13' at 12 PM at the American Legion.

Meeting was adjourned at 1:15 p.m.

St. Johnsville Chamber of Commerce Minutes - January 9, 2017 Minutes

Kevin Enea opened the meeting at 12:00pm at the St. Johnsville Community House. Those present were members Kevin Enea, Karen Crouse, Crystal Napier, Juanita Handy, Joe Brown, Michelle Brown, Judy Swartz, W.D. Cooper, Dawn Lamphere, Shellie Walrath and David Halloran.

December minutes approved MSC Judy Swartz/Karen Crouse

Treasurer’s Report:

Request for current paid members up until close of business day January 9, 2017 as follows: American Legion, Enea Family Funeral Home, Gray’s Greenhouse, Kinship Properties, Little M, Roy Tompson, STJ Rehab & Nursing, Village of STJ, NBT, Helmont Mills, Full Throttle, Shults Agency, Say It With Signs, Kinney Drugs, Fort Klock, Wayne’s Burner Service, Quackenbush Trees and Wreaths and Sportee Designs. 

Financial Report to be given by Sam in February 2017.

Invoice presented for payment by Dawn for Books for children for Christmas and we will have enough books for next year as well.

Members Update: Texas BBQ will join especially if we involve them for Chicken and Ribs during Springfest, St. Mary’s Urgent Care has reached out to us for application and looking to join immediately.

Dues: Please try to pay by Jan 31 to help move forward a current business directory. New and renewed members will receive their 2017 window decal.

Correspondence: FMCC Regional Chamber Celebration 1-18-17 Holiday Inn Johnstown, $75 per person. Also April Amodei reached out and the Chamber and Village will benefit from Cycle Along the Erie passing through this summer 2017. Details TBA.

Unfinished Business:

Last Night: Profound and grateful support received and grateful recognition to Dawn and all involved! Canajoharie to host next Last Night event.

Springfest is full speed ahead. Thursday May 11 until Sat. May 13. Joe did the majority of reporting, begun to select committee volunteers. Areas such as, Miss Springfest Beauty Pagent, Dawn to head that (OESJ School District Only, Thursday May 11 at School Auditorium?). Jail N Bail (Juanita), Bake Sale Fri. morning (Juanita and Crystal and possibly involve school kids), Texas BBQ presale tickets Fri. evening at Legion (Joe and Carmen), A possible Sat night activity (Bridge St. Square Dance?), Vendors (Letters and pricing) (Shellie and Crystal), An activity on Carmens Lot such as childrens obstacle course on Friday and Saturday, Bicycle Rodeo (Karyn will see if a PAWS involvement would benefit this?)   Parade Sat. 10AM—LineUp at 9, (Joe, Juanita and Crystal), A Grand Marshall has been selected. We voted yes to selling ads in a Springfest booklet we will get through Lee Publications and Garage Sales. Also Towpath Run (John Geesler), we need to send out letters. We are hoping the STJNRC will hold events as well.

New Business:

Mr. Halloran and Mr. Cooper presented Information Technology information in regards to increasing bandwidths in Village at lower costs then TWC or Frontier. Business leaders are invited to a First Light Meeting at Mr. Halloran’s office Thursday at 1:30 PM and a presentation will be made at February school board meeting.

Other Business:

Please consider and remember that it is imperative to remember that 2017 is the end of the 2-year slate of officers and we would like to have new officers ready to be announced at the Sept. 2017 meeting. We encourage diversity and input. Also in regards to September garage sale. In order to have this take place the Chamber needs to have a coinciding event. How about  a BBQ Block Party with bouncy houses for kids and/or a community picnic? We received quite a bit of sadness over no September garage sale in 2016. Looking to change that!


A special meeting for Springfest will be held Monday Jan 23, 2017 10AM at Library

The next monthly meeting is on Monday Feb. 13 2017 at Bridge St Bakery at Noon.

We encourage all to share ideas and thoughts for what’s sure to be a busy year!

Meeting adjourned at 1:11pm.


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