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Offices located in the Community House - 16 Washington Street, Saint Johnsville NY 13452

New York 12078

Village Phone Numbers:

Office Phone - 518.568.2221

Mayor - 518.568.2221 - Ext. 101

Clerk/Treasurer - 16 Washington Street - 568.2421

Housing Authority Office - 11 Old Meadow Road - 568.2214 - Executive Director - 568.5175

Justice Court - 16 Washington Street - 568.5298

Police Department - 16 Washington Street - 568.2141

Public Works Garage - Marina Drive - 568.2225

Village Office - 16 Washington Street - 568.2226

Wastewater Treatment Plant - Marina Drive - 568.2545

Youth Center - 17E Main Street - 568.7441


Karen Crouse, Village Clerk/Treasurer

Karen is a life long resident of the Village of St. Johnsville and has raised six children in the village. She has been the Village Clerk/Treasurer since March, 1996. Before taking the position of Village Clerk/Treasurer, she worked for eight years in the Montgomery County Clerk's Office for the County Treasurer, Norma Palmer. It was here that she gained an interest in Municipal Accounting and was happy to hear of a position open in her own village. She resides in the village with her husband of 38 years, Robert Crouse, Sr. Her children are scattered in various states and nearby villages.

Karen has attended several Municipal Accounting schools which were given by the State Comptrollers office and is always trying to fit in seminars which will help with her job duties. There is always something new to learn in order to stay abreast.

The Clerk/Treasurer's office is a wealth of information which is readily available to the public upon written request and if within the guidelines of The Freedom of Information Act. The Village Office takes care of several things other villages do not: the finances for the Local Library and for the Marina/Campsite. The office is also the collector of Taxes and Water/Sewer charges.

Vital Statistics are kept in the Clerks office and the staff is always willing to help look up information when asked.

Recently the village has received a grant to help with a water project, and a grant for housing rehabilitation and records management. It is the duty of the Clerk/Treasurer to monitor these grants and see that the guidelines are carried out.

When asked what she enjoys the most about here job: "A fun part of the job is managing the investments accounts, keeping up with the best rates and the types of investment. Also Bond Anticipation notes, is an education in itself."

Additionally, searches are done for abstract companies whenever someone wants to sell a home in the village.

The office staff has been working on a records management room in the basement of the Village Office where there are volumes of information stored there along with maps of all kinds pertaining to the village and to the water works.

The Community House, houses the Village Offices and is a work of art and a must stop if you are in the area. A history of the building is available for the asking. Upon request, the Community House is rented out for showers, suppers, meetings, etc. A small fee is charged to cover the cost of the upkeep of the historic building.

Part of the job of the clerk/treasurer is to look for grants available to the village. The present clerk has help the Senior Citizens obtain two different grants and just this year has worked on a grant for Records Management and received that grant. Anita Smith, Village Historian had obtained a Records Management grant the prior year. Grants are quite involved and take a lot of time and data.

In addition to the Clerk/Treasurer, there are two part employees working in the office. Almost all of the books are on the computer which bring the office in line with the new century. The office staff is always looking for new ways to update records and keep the most accurate and up to date information available to the public.

Karen and her staff welcome any visitors to come to the office if they need information on genealogies or just want to see the beautiful building.

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